Our principles when dealing with violence

  • Zero tolerance for violence. Violence is neither permitted nor approved.
  • Individual experience of violence. Each person perceives violence they experience in a different way.
  • Do not minimize violence. Do not minimize the importance and seriousness of violence.
  • Do not judge violence according to our own personal space. Do not derive from our own limits, own feelings and emotions, own experiences with violence.
  • Do not grade violence. Do not classify violence into more and less bad.
  • When determining a violent relationship, define power of both sides first. Distinguish who misuses his / her (superior) power in a relationship.
  • Violent behaviour is defined by the victim and not by the perpetrator. It is the victim who determines certain behaviour to be violent.
  • Act! Respond to any violent behaviour. Do not shift responsibility for taking measures to others.
  • Efficient, thorough and sensible dealing with violence is the best and the most important form of prevention.
  • Demand responsibility for committed violence. Responsibility for violence belongs exclusively to the perpetrator. The perpetrator of violence has to assume all responsibility for his / her behaviour.


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